Concrete Steel Reinforcement

The steel products of our company are provided from SIDENOR, the largest steel production company in Greece and the Balkans, which fully cover the construction industry demands for greater safety and antiseismic requirements.

Concrete steel reinforcement bars Φ5-Φ20

Stirrup reinforcement mesh

Wire mesh

Galvanised wire mesh

Galvanised construction tubes

Common use black wire

Galvanised wire

Wire rod

Steel fibres

Construction Materials

In our store you will find a large variety of products, capable of covering the demands of the most complex construction projects.
For any information regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Extruded polysterene-XPS (Dow & Tiktas)

Expanded polysterene-EPS

Rock mineral wool

Bricks (any dimension)

All tiles types

Karystos & Albanian stones

Artificial stones and pebbles in various sizes and colours

Black & white cement



Cuylindrical paper tubes of various diameters

Formwork oil

Lime plaster

Sealagon (lime plaster replacement)

Marmoline products

Durostick products

BASF chemical products

Draining membranes

Spacers in various types

Chamfers in various types


Cinder blocks

Concrete tubes


Cesspool concrete tubes



Various construction tools



Plastic tanks of various types and sizes

Fencing products

Gypsum boards, Knauf

Fiberglass mesh


Little churches in various types

Fireplaces in various types and sizes

Various chimney hats

Ovens in various types and sizes

Barbecues in various types and sizes

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